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Nadaka Corporation Privacy Policy

Our company takes the utmost precaution in protecting our clients' privacy. In order to provide the best service and products available, we take full responsibility for protecting our clients' privacy.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations
Our company follows all relevant laws and regulations related to individual privacy.
2. Internal Systems
We maintain an internal system to manage and protect the personal and company sensitive data of each of our clients.
3.Collection of personal information
In instances where we collect personal information of our clients, we will make clear why it is necessary for us to collect that information.
4.Use of personal information
In instances where we collect personal information of our clients, we will make clear how and for what purpose we intend to use that information.
5. Ensuring accuracy
We will take appropriate measures to ensure that your information is kept up-to-date and accurate.
6. Safety measures
We implement restriction methods to protect access, loss, alteration and leakage of your information.
7. Internal education
We educate our staff on the importance of adhering to this privacy policy.
8. Third-party use
In the instance that a separate contractor or third party is involved with a clients' project, we will maintain that the specific third party follows this privacy policy.
9. Limits of third-party use

We will comply with all laws and regulations regarding the sharing of information with a third party, and decline to share this information with a third party prior to obtaining permission from the client. Information for a third party will be shared under the following circumstances:

  • ・Disclosure of information is required to fulfill service to the client.
  • ・Disclosure of information to a representative of a third party company is required to fulfill service to the client.
  • ・Permission is received from the client.
  • ・Disclosure of information is required from a specific legal proceeding or law.
  • ・In instances where the client violates an agreement of service, in which our company must take action to protect our rights.
10. Correction of personal information
We will promptly correspond with any clients requests to update or change their personal information.
11. Ongoing review of our internal systems
In order to maintain the highest degree of privacy with our clients, we are continually assessing the effectiveness of our internal operations.
12. Disclaimer
Our company is not responsible for the information and policies of external websites linked from our company website.
13.Questions regarding the privacy policy
For any questions or inquiries regarding our company's privacy policy, please call.
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